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Heritage Month

Celebrating Heritage

Heritage is defined as the valued objects and qualities such as historical buildings, public history and cultural traditions that have been passed down from previous generations.

With there being 11 official languages spoken across nine provinces in the country, South Africa is considered to be one of the most multiracial and multicultural countries in the world. Indeed a rainbow nation.

Rainbow nation

The term “rainbow nation” was first introduced by Archbishop Desmond Tutu in 1994, to describe the diversity of the country, despite the division between ethnic groups. A rainbow symbolises a bright future and hope, the same which is wished for, for the people of South Africa.

Heritage Day

The 24th of September is a national public holiday, dedicated to celebrating the heritage, traditions and beliefs of South African citizens. It is a day where everyone celebrates their cultural beliefs through many different events that happen on the day, throughout the country.

National Braai Day

In 2005, a media campaign rebranded the public holiday as National Braai Day. The campaign’s initiative by Jan Braai, was in recognition of South Africans and their love for braais/barbeques. This initiative came about as a way to unify the different celebrations of the day, amongst the diverse traditions, by uniting around fires.

Heritage Day is a day to share your heritage with other cultures, as well as celebrating the diversity that is the fundamental of the country’s distinctive culture and values.